Wilde Capital Management (WCM) provides market insight, access and investment for individuals, families and institutions seeking long-term, globally-diversified portfolios based on applying the principles of patient investing and a disciplined, transparent process to public markets. We are doing so through the lens of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, seeking to align investments with a sense of purpose that is regenerative for people, planet and profit without the need to accept more risk or less return. We work with Financial Advisors, Registered Investment Advisors, Institutional Consultants and Family Offices to provide these services to investors, and selectively accept direct client investment.

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Located in Summit and Branchburg, New Jersey, WCM is situated to draw on the resources and talent of Wall Street while maintaining a healthy and sometimes skeptical distance. To the greatest extent possible, WCM maintains a virtual office in terms of technology, telecommunications and processes so the firm can stay nimble and resilient regardless of the challenges thrown at it, from routine travel to the extraordinary and unexpected events that seem to challenge companies and markets all too frequently