Our current business fundamentals are the strongest in our history

  • Ownership: 100% employee owned
  • Extremely low professional turnover
  • Controlled, measured growth
  • Roughly $2.97 Billion under supervision** as of 3.31.2021
  • Low overhead cost structure enhancing the long-term stability

Our investment principles remain consistent and focused

  • Deliver quality investment results
  • Narrow focus on large cap dividend investing
  • Enduring dividend growth to meet client goals
  • “Forward looking” process vs. backward looking screening

Our service model provides distinguished support

  • Maintain premier boutique status to quality advisors
  • Direct communication with portfolio managers
  • Customized portfolio management

Berkshire Asset Management, LLC was founded in 1986 and has since grown to roughly $2.97 Billion under supervision* as of 3.31.2021. We have accomplished this by providing an exceptional level of client service and delivering a long-term investment performance track record. We are confident our disciplined approach to expansion is a logical and rewarding way to conduct business.

Berkshire is an SEC registered investment advisor and is employee owned and operated. Located in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, we employ seven professionals and two administrative assistants. Our clients include retirement plans, high net worth individuals, institutions and charitable organizations.

Berkshire distinguishes itself from the competition through our exacting investment philosophy and process. We also offer high quality client service with conflict free advice since we are independently owned and operated.