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Destra Capital is a boutique Investment Management firm that partners with independent, institutional investment managers that have developed innovative and specialized investment strategies. Headquartered in Chicago, IL, Destra was Founded in 2008 by a senior management team with decades of knowledge and expertise in the industry driven by the guiding principle of providing Responsible Alpha®.

Common to many of Destra's investment offerings is the goal of providing market leading returns with an eye towards managing downside risk -- we call this Responsible Alpha®. Our experience working with the wealth management marketplace shows investing is not about periodic outperformance, but rather it is about consistent, steady returns over time. This is how true wealth is produced, preserved, and prolonged. The pursuit of Responsible Alpha® is the guiding principle to the investment products Destra offers.

Destra Capital Advisors LLC is an SEC registered investment advisor and the advisor to the Destra Funds. Destra Capital Investments LLC is a FINRA registered broker dealer and distributor to Destra Funds and other investments.